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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Financial Management Professor


  • Degree : SHORT COURSES
  • Created : 15-09-2022
  • Price : 200K
  • Length : 1 years

Course Description

The Banking and Finance degree course is of particular interest to those wishing to enter the financial sector. It will provide you with the opportunity to acquire specialist economic knowledge of the operation of the monetary and financial sectors with specialist modules in investment banking, risk management and commercial banking. You will develop strong analytical, quantitative and research skills in solving some of the world’s complex financial problems thus giving you an edge in the financial sector.

In addition to providing you with training relevant to the practice of banking and other financial careers, this course prepares you for a master’s degree in related fields throughout the world.

Career Option

The finance industry offers a wealth of career options for our graduates who find themselves working within banks and micro-financial institutions, insurance companies, accountancy firms with audit, tax or an accountancy function. They are also exposed to careers in managing investments and pension funds. We expose our graduates to prestigious organizations and establish them with a solid foundation to pursue a master’s degree in any related discipline.