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  • Degree : SHORT COURSES
  • Created : 21-10-2021
  • Price : 200K
  • Length : 1 years

Course Description

Insurance covers a wide range of activities including the assessing, quantifying, monitoring and mitigating of risk exposures for projects, companies and financial institutions. It also monitors compliance with relevant financial regulations. This course prepares students to help businesses and individuals foresee potential risks and minimize losses. Studies often focus on the principles of business, finance, economics, and organizational management while covering the theories behind risk management and loss management. In Addition, it will help students to develop a strong foundation of knowledge in the insurance industry. Courses cover the basics of life and health insurance policies, insurance laws and regulations, commercial insurance, and personal insurance.

Career Pathways

The insurance industry encompasses many roles, and these are often open to graduates from a baccalaureate program in risk management and insurance. Some potential entry-level positions in the field include the following:

  • Insurance sales agent.
  • Insurance claims adjuster.
  • Insurance underwriter.
  • Market researcher.
  • Insurance marketer.
  • Risk management analyst.
  • Damage appraiser.
  • Insurance investigator.

You can also choose to pursue a master’s degree in any business discipline as you would have already had a solid foundation in the business sector and its underlying principles.