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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Law Professor


  • Degree : SHORT COURSES
  • Created : 21-10-2021
  • Price : 200K
  • Length : 1 years

Course Description

Students gain a professional degree of outstanding quality in three years. In addition, Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students deal with real people with real problems as part of the innovative clinical studies programme at HIPS. Our students hone critical practical skills in the process of helping the community.

The Bachelor of Laws follows a closely prescribed structure, with courses covering a variety of legal systems in Cameroon and internationally and the opportunity to take optional courses in specific areas of legal interest.

Career Options and Job Prospects

Law is one of the fields that are hardly affected by recession or economic downfall. Skilled lawyers are always in demand in every country to guide individuals, organisations as well as governments to make legal decisions and actions. Candidates who have completed LLB can practice law after registering themselves at the Bar Council.

There are various government jobs that are available after this course including government law posts as well as posts at magistrate levels. In order to apply for higher judiciary jobs, candidates will have to pursue LL.M. Those seeking academic jobs can teach at law institutes and universities. Following are some job profiles for candidates with an LLB degree:

  • Notary
  • Trustee
  • Solicitor
  • Law Reporter
  • Legal Counsellor
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Expert
  • Sub-Magistrate or Munsifs
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Sessions Judge
  • Law Professor