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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Human Resource Management Professor


  • Created : 21-10-2021
  • Price : 330K
  • Length : 3 years

Course Description

You will gain thorough understanding and obtain specialist knowledge of human resource management. Our innovative, academically rigorous and vocationally relevant approach to business will help you to stand out from the crowd and our links with employers will enrich your experience through guest lectures and placement opportunities. As leading companies in the world continually seek highly trained professionals to manage their most valuable resource; the human resource, you will have the privilege to contribute significantly in the global economy. Our highly-specialized degree will equip you with a combination of economic, political, psychological and sociological skills to successfully manage the human resource function in small and large enterprises. Students will develop strong analytical, quantitative, computing and other transferable skills often demanded in the global economy. Furthermore, you will gain in-depth understanding of the human resource function and the important role it plays in the economy.