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Logistics and Transport Management
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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Logistics and Transport Management Professor


  • Created : 07-10-2020
  • Price : 300K
  • Length : 3 years

Course Description

Transport and distribution are of crucial importance to the world’s economy. Fairly recently, this important function is being brought sharper into focus with issues such as congestion and public transport in the news virtually every day.

This course therefore reflects the growing importance of transport and logistics management within the world of business. A career in transport and logistics could mean working with a specialist provider of logistics and distribution services, a train operator, a bus or coach company, a consultancy or possibly the armed forces. The course also covers operational and economic aspects of passenger transport. Transport and logistics managers aim to provide the means of getting goods to flow through the supply chain.

Logistics analysts and purchasing managers also carry out other equally important tasks with great careers in passenger transport management and tourism. HIPS has established a large number of industry contacts who provide us with some great guest lecturers, enable site visits and most importantly help provide opportunities for work placements and possibly graduate employment opportunities.

Our Logistics and Transport Management programme examines the economic, operational, societal and environmental issues related to the transport and distribution industries. In addition to gaining a detailed knowledge and understanding of these, you will also acquire the professional, academic and management skills necessary to enter any sector of the industry and to move between sectors during your career. Your management skills will also prepare you for a large number of alternative graduate jobs as well as a master’s degree in related fields.

Lecturers often use examples, illustrations, company visits and case studies from the transport and distribution industries. Your studies will incorporate all the relevant management skills: accounting, marketing, human resources and operations management. All are set within the context of the transport related industries, including passenger and freight modes. At the end of the course you will gain an understanding of logistics and transport management and more importantly, how organizations incorporate and manage these important functions. It will equip you with the ability to assess the contribution of logistics and transport to competitiveness, customer service and the creation of value.