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Mr. Maliva Lyonga

Marketing Professor


  • Created : 07-10-2020
  • Price : 300K
  • Length : 3 years

Course Description

Institutions of all forms and sizes benefit from a marketing function thus making marketing a dynamic sector in the world economy. This course will give you a thorough and understanding in the principles and practice of marketing after which you will become an expert in brand positioning, Product and service development as well as creating strategies to satisfy customers in a variety of contemporary market sectors.

Our marketing program will provide you with the skills to undertake critical analyses of strategic national and international marketing issues. This specialist course is ideal for students who want to work in the increasingly complex areas of marketing management, marketing consultancy and media related careers.

The Main Benefits of the HIPS Marketing Course:
  • You will develop the ability to analyses, evaluate and manage market opportunities within a national and international context and prepare for a career in both smaller and large enterprises.
  • You will gain a high-level and rigorous understanding of the theory and practice of both national and international marketing.
  • We offer in-depth studies of critical insights into marketing decision-making in a global marketing context.
  • Opportunities to gain a master’s degree with some of the world’s leading universities.