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University of Buea

University of Buea

The University of Buea, UB, as it is most commonly known, is arguably the best university in Cameroon offering a broad range of courses. Their demand for excellence means they constantly reject applications to mentor private universities around the country.

However, thanks to our consistency in our pursuit for high academic excellence, HIPS is proud to be one of the very privileged few institutions in the entire Republic of Cameroon to be mentored by the prestigious University of Buea.

Consequently, all our HIPS students whether they study for the professional bachelors (B-Tech) or for the bachelor of science (B.Sc) degree will have the privilege of having a degree that is duly awarded by the University of Buea. In addition, our level of Corporation with UB means that HIPS staff and students can use UB resources.

Apart from the fact that many of their big professors also lecture in HIPS, we are the only institution, as at now, with the exclusive right for our staff and students to use other UB resources such as library, computer lab, and other campus resources.