Financial Aid

Find scholarships, grants, and other aid to fund a world-class education.


of students receive
scholarships or grants
from HIPS


of our students reduce
their costs by working
at least part-time


of HIPS’s alumni were
employed or in graduate
school with six months
of graduation



The Financial Aid Process

01. Apply for Aid

Students interested in financial aid opportunities can apply by submitting the required application forms and supporting documents. The application process is accessible and transparent, ensuring equal opportunities for all eligible candidates.


Upon receiving applications, HIPS evaluates candidates based on academic performance, financial need, extracurricular achievements, and other relevant criteria. Our selection committee carefully reviews each application to determine eligibility for various financial aid options.

03. Awarding

HIPS notifies successful applicants of financial aid awards, varying in type and amount based on individual circumstances and available funds. Committed to supporting students’ academic and career goals, HIPS provides scholarships, grants, internships, and other assistance.

Types of Scholarship

HIPS Scholarship Program

A prestigious scholarship of 8,000,000 FRS is awarded to the best student to pursue studies in Britain, covering tuition fees and living expenses. An Entrepreneurship Scholarship of 2,000,000 FRS is available to support aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their own business ventures.

OHIPS Director's Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to deserving students to reduce their school fees, making education more accessible and affordable.

OHIPS Talent Show Winner

Winners of the OHIPS Talent Show receive a cash prize of more than 200,000 FRS, recognizing their exceptional talents and contributions to the HIPS community.


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