Our Leadership

At HIPS, leadership embodies vision, empathy, and action. Our leaders inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and guide with integrity, creating an inclusive environment for growth and success.

Maliva Samuel Lyonga

Office of the President

Maliva Samuel Lyonga, President of HIPS, leads with a vision for accessible, high-quality education. His commitment to excellence and innovation has made HIPS a premier institution in Cameroon. With a focus on empowering students to reach their full potential, Maliva shapes the future of education with compassion and strategic leadership, ensuring that HIPS remains at the forefront of academic excellence and societal impact.

Senior Staff

Mr. Isuma Lyonga

Vice President, Student Affairs

Orock Jephter Ako

Student Affairs Officer

Mrs. Awungatia Elizabeth Nkapnkwele

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Robert Manga Nyoki

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Marice Ngosong Lyonga

Finance Officer

Harriet Erickson

Vice President, Student Affairs

Wesley Clarke

Senior Advisor to the President

Betty Bowman

Acting Vice President for Finance

With over four decades of law teaching experience, Johnny Jones is a nationally-recognized constitutionalist who has received numerous awards for his teaching, including the first-ever Pioneer Award for his commitment and dedication to students from the FIU Student Bar Association in 2004. Since then, students have voted him “Professor of the Year” multiple times. 


Johnny Jones

Dean, Diversity and Compliance

Dennis Ruiz was a member of the faculty at Texas Tech University School of Law, where she held the Alvin R. Allison Distinguished Professorship and received every teaching award the law school and the University conferred. She was the Distinguished Fulbright Professor of American Constitutional Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Greece in 1992.


Dennis Ruiz

Acting Vice President of Administration

Vernon Lowe first joined the University in 2006 as Assistant Dean for Academic Support Programs. He served as Assistant Dean until 2013, when he became a full time lecturer at the College. He teaches classes relating to legal theory and reasoning, race and law, gender and law, and in the area of commercial transactions. 


Vernon Lowe

Assistant Vice President for Communications


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