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Build lifelong friendships with fellow students who share your interests, passions, and perspectives.

HIPS offers a vibrant array of events and activities that enrich student life and foster a sense of community. From cultural celebrations and talent shows to sports festivals and family tours, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and participate in. These events not only provide entertainment but also promote social interaction, cultural exchange, and personal development, making HIPS a dynamic and inclusive campus environment.


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HIPS Family Tour

Introduced in October 2015, the HIPS Family Tour is a beloved tradition that brings students together for fun-filled excursions to beaches, monuments, botanical gardens, and other tourist attractions. Organized with student happiness in mind, the tour offers opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and bonding among HIPS family members.

HIPS Family
Diversity Week

We are here to support the health and well-being of students so that they can learn and succeed while at Kempbelle University. We provide access to high-quality health care and services that enhance student wellness and quality of life in and outside of the classroom.

HIPS Talent Shows

Witness the extraordinary talents of HIPS students at the annual Talent Shows. From dancing and singing to comedy and cooking, participants captivate audiences with their skills and creativity. With generous cash prizes up for grabs, the competition is fierce and the entertainment unforgettable.

Mr. & Miss HIPS

Experience the glamour and excitement of the Mr. & Miss HIPS pageant, where students vie for the coveted titles and prizes. From catwalks to dance performances, contestants dazzle the audience with their charisma and style, embodying the spirit of HIPS excellence and beauty.

Graduation and Matriculation

Celebrate academic achievements and milestones at HIPS’s renowned graduation and matriculation ceremonies. Held with grandeur and prestige, these events honor students’ hard work and dedication, marking the beginning of new journeys and successes.

HIPS Games Festival

Engage in friendly competition and sportsmanship at the HIPS Games Festival. With various sporting activities and cash prizes at stake, students showcase their athleticism and team spirit, forging lasting memories and friendships on the field.

HIPS Family Lunch

Experience the warmth and hospitality of HIPS with the Family Lunch event, where students and staff come together to share a meal and bond over shared experiences and aspirations. It’s a time to nurture relationships and strengthen the bonds of the HIPS family.

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